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                                        only 1 mile from Devil Anse Trails 38 and 51

                                                    Direct access to Buffalo and Rockhouse trails                                                                                                                            Miles and mILES OF oUTLAW tRAILS!!

We are a local family born and raised in these mountains. We want to share a little piece of our Heaven with you! Surrounded by the all natural beauty of our area we have 3 log cabins  and 2 cottages , In addition to that we have 7 RV spots with 50amp hook ups for your convenience. We are in a great location, Just one mile from Devil Anse Trails that run into either Buffalo Mountain trail or Rockhouse trails, so there is no need to pack up and drive to the trails and unload,You can hit the trails right from our campground!! we have Hatfield McCoy Trail permits,snacks,drinks,ice and souvenirs at our store. We also have several nearby restaurants that deliver to campground and a dollar general store for items you may have forgotten to pack.Also within 15 minutes of campground,you can ride over to the Mighty Tug River for some fishing or to the beautiful Twisted Gun golf course for a round of golf.  


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